Having an emotional support animal is not all sunshine only.Where an ESA owner enjoys the benefits of living and flying with their animal without any extra charges, they also have some responsibilities.

Living with your emotional support animal on a housing and campus facility is different but both of these have more or less the same requirements.

Some of the key responsibilities of an ESA owner are listed below.

1. The ESA owner agrees to abide by all the rules and laws of the housing or campus facility.Every housing and college campus housing has some set rules for the residents and some special add-ons for the residents who wish to live with their ESAs it is your responsibility to follow all the rules.

2. Train your ESA before deciding to live with it.It should be well-mannered and disciplined and must not disturb other members of the housing facility.In the case of a college campus, the animal should be kept on a leash or in the cage when in the room.

3.The animal should be vaccinated.It is your responsibility to look after the health of your ESA.Complete all the medical documentation on time and keep it updated.If possible, take your animal to the veterinary doctor for a complete check-up.

4. Keep the dog or cat well-groomed and clean.Get it trained and make sure that it does not do its business here and there.If it dies, be prepared to scoop and clean after your ESA.

5. It should not be a danger to other residents.In case it is extremely noisy and a threat to others, you must have it removed.The landlord or the college holds the right to demand such a thing in case it does not comply with the policies.

In case you're working towards getting an ESA letter, make sure that you look for an emotional support animal letter sample before finalizing your decision.