Cats and dogs are not the only animals that make to the list of emotional support animals.There are some unusual animals that are registered in the ESA list.The owners of these animals have reported equal benefits of these animals as that of a cat or a dog.

Just like you need an emotional support dog letter to live with your dog, you will need a valid ESA letter to live with your unusual animal also.Following our list of some of the most unusual animals on the ESA list.  

  1. Miniature horses

  2. Reptiles; snakes, lizards, and alligators

  3. Goats

  4. Donkeys

  5. Kangaroos

  6. Bearded Dragons

  7. Pigs

  8. Marmosets

  9. Peacocks

  10. Squirrels

  11. Ducks

  12. Chicken and rooster

  13. Ducks

  14. Parrots and pigeons

  15. Goldfish

  16. Spiders

  17. Hedgehogs

  18. Hamsters

  19. Rates

  20. Ferrets 

All of these animals are very unusual and something that does not come to our minds when we think of an ESA.However, people have different choices and these animals are proof of it.

Having an emotional support animal offers a lot of benefits.Where people are afraid to build relationships with other humans or going through some trauma, these ESAs helps them in overcoming all of these.

Besides an ESA, generally, having a pet has a number of physical and mental benefits.All of these animals are very unusual and unlikely choices for an ESA but, if they do provide the needed support to their owners.

Having an ESA letter helps the potential owners in living and traveling with their animals with ease and without paying any extra charges.However, when working on obtaining the letter, make sure that you consult a licensed mental health practitioner and see a sample emotional support letter Before.Besides, do a complete research about the things that need to be added into the letter so that you will know how to spot a fake letter from genuine.