When you start writing an essay, you have a follow a format in order to write an effective essay.


A typical format of the essay is composed of a 5-paragraph essay. You start with the introduction of your topic in the first paragraph. Then comes the body paragraphs. You explain your topic in 3 paragraphs that compose the body of your essay.


The number of body paragraphs can increase depending upon your topic. In the end, you write down the conclusion of your essay.


What is a thesis statement?


Are you confused what is a thesis statement then?


Your essay must have a main point, a central idea around which the content of your essay revolves. The entire content of your essay is summarized in that one line that makes up the main idea of your essay.


The sentence that captures the essence of your topic is the thesis statement of your essay.


How long your thesis statement should be?


A thesis statement should not be of more than 1-2 lines. The thesis statement should give the idea to the readers of what your essay is going to be about.


While writing the introduction of your essay, write down the thesis statement at the end of the paragraph. Most of the times, readers just read the introduction to get the idea of the essay. This the reason that your thesis statement should be mentioned in the introduction.


Tips to keep in mind while writing the thesis statement


Here are a few tips to help you write a strong thesis statement for your essay.

  • Your thesis statement should be clear and concise.

  • It should be related to the topic of your essay.

  • It should give a concise idea of the topic of your essay.

  • Don’t bury your thesis statement between a paragraph.

  • Your thesis statement should be written in a way that it is easy for the readers to locate and understand it.

  • Use very specific and clear words while writing your thesis statement.

  • Avoid using vague words as it is supposed to give the main idea of your topic.

  • Avoid quoting others in your thesis statement.


Is the thesis statement of your essay too general?


Your thesis statement should be limited to the topic of your essay. Your thesis statement will summarize your entire topic. Shape it in such a way that the readers dive right into the main theme of your essay.


Being specific in your writing is better than writing your statement generally. Write crisp and to the point thesis statement for your essay.


Create an original thesis statement


Avoid using clichés in your thesis statement. Not only they are the overused terms, but they will also bore your readers. Readers are always looking for something new and interesting.


You can choose any topic of your interest but give it an original turn according to your perspective. Using your own ideas will bring out the creativity in your writing instead of following someone else’s ideas and concepts.


A well-crafted thesis statement will help you craft a perfect essay.


Which topics do you prefer while write my essay?