The purpose of persuasive essay topics is to persuade your reader to agree with your arguments and the most effective strategy to lure them is by creating that 'personal' vibe.

According to the FESP framework proposed by
Michael Port , you should essentially write with your audience. in mind.Focus on elements like 'how would they feel about an issue?' and how does the world appear to them in physical, emotional, spiritual and physical terms.

Connect with them on an emotional level and see how they'd respond to the subject being discussed; would they be more favorably inclined towards it or oppose it strongly?

Researching about expert opinions on the matter and individual feedback from relevant sources helps evaluate such behavioral Outcomes and personal opinions with more efficacy.With

a limpid understanding of your audience and their perspective, you steer your content writing into the right direction where they'd be compelled to agree with you.

Choose a topic that's fascinating, diverse and interesting; something that excites you and inspires you to explore it further and write about it.A nice way to think up cool persuasive essay topics is to brainstorm with your peers, instructors or subject matter experts.

There are a slew of fabulous themes online that you could search for based on popular disciplines like Fashion, Law, Lifestyle, Technology and Innovation etc.The key is to narrow down a topic that provides a colossal footboard to conceptualize opinions, develop ideas and core arguments.

Whenever you think that I will write my essay, always pick a theme that pique's the reader's interest, connects naturally with your reader and encourages you to present your perspective or stance clearly along with a strong refutation of the opposing view.

It's wise to include any limitations or weak theories for the opposing paradigm in your
persuasive essay structure , primarily the body.The more interesting your topic, the more argumentative & informative content you can add to your paper to successfully convince your audience and influence them in a positive way.